Steel structure, hinged lock with relase button.

Non-slip plastick feet.

Two large steps covered with non-slip mats.

Easy to store: when folded, it is just 4 cm wide.

Pratical carrying handle.

  • D.LGS. 81/08
    EN 14183 (Par. 6.2 6.3)
  • made in P.R.C.
  • 150
    max load kg
  • 5
    years warranty


locking safety button

<p>locking safety button</p>
<p>Practical carrying handle</p>
<p>Easy to store: when folded, it is just 4 cm wide</p>
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max load (kg) 150
max working height (mt) 2.44
sizes of the closed product when packed (HxLxP mt) 0.57x0.52x0.06
sizes of the closed product without packaging (HxLxP mt) 0.55x0.50x0.04
open product dimensions (mt) 0.44x0.50
max working height on the step stool or in deck position (mt) 0.44
open product max. height (m) 0.44
closed length (m) 0.55
product weight with packaging (kg) 4.50
product weight without packaging (kg) 4.00
type of steps / rungs steps
number of steps or rungs 2
steps width / rungs section (mm) 300x200