About us

About us

Italian manufacturers and pioneers, since 1980

The story begins some 40 years ago when our founder Peppino Turrisi, an entrepreneur of Sicilian origin was searching for a new opportunity. He decided to invest in what would become his lifelong company with everything he possessed: courage, determination and perseverance. These values have made us what we are today. Our first giant step as pioneers: the creation of Ercolina, our first manufactured ladder – an authentic milestone, which would later inspire everything that followed.

Now 40 years have passed, and under the guidance of Giorgio Turrisi – with the same values and with the same pioneering spirit – we continue to design, manufacture and market our multifunction ladders, stepladders and combination ladders, scaffoldings, hand-trucks, loading ramps, mobile towers, working platforms and step stools in Italy and around Europe. Everything we make is authentically Made in Italy and perfectly embodies quality and safety.

Welcome to our world.

Designed in Italy, made in Italy

As good Italians we work with our hearts, not just with our hands. Our products are designed and manufactured right here, in our factories in Olginate. As we carry out the entire manufacturing process in house, we can offer you the advantage of our guaranteed safety and reliabiliy monitoring process for every single component we produce.

For a demanding market

Our products rigorously comply with all the requirements of national and European quality and safety standards, as the market demands. But we don’t stop there: we listen to and implement customer feedback in our quality monitoring process, which is essential for perfecting our products as well as developing new solutions.

Aiming higher and higher

As true pioneers, we have always made a habit of looking ahead. This has enabled us to grow in a sustainable and logical way. We invest in the technology needed for advanced manufacturing processes as well as in human resources, because machinery offers technology and support, but it is people who make the real difference.

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